It seems that the artists do not like at all when they compare their voice with that of the popular Mexican Tiktoker, as the aspiring Venezuelan artist seems to have made it known. Derwyns, who recounted his traumatic experience when compared to Kunno.

“I felt that my life was ending, it was the worst thing they said to me in my 20 years of life”

This is how the revelation artist Derwyns described his feelings, who experienced the worst moment of his life when he was compared to the tiktoker and influencer Kunno through his official YouTube account.

“When I read that comment, I couldn’t figure out how to process that situation, it’s something that will leave me traumatized for life, I even had to go to therapy because being compared to Kunno left me completely depressed and disappointed in myself”

The aspiring star already has several songs on his YouTube channel, where little by little he begins to gain popularity in the general public.

His latest title song “Carefree” can be heard here directly: