Even though the ceremony of Karlos Vémola (37) and Lela Ceterová (33) did not take place until 4 p.m., it was still a superhuman task for some to arrive on time. The actor Martin Dejdar (57) with his wife and son Štěpán (23), singer Václav Noid Bárta (41) and beautiful boxer Lucie Sedláčková (27) came to the civic swimming pool amid exuberant merriment.

The merriment at the “wedding” of the century, or rather the fraud of the century, was already in full swing, when latecomers and the last known guests were still arriving, but they missed the ceremony on the pier at the Civic Swimming Pool.

An actor came to the party Martin Dejdarwho took his wife or son with him Matej, to whom the environment of boxing is close, even though he was engaged in hockey. He tries to devote himself to martial arts at least marginally.

The singer also arrived in the evening Václav Noid Bárta on a motorcycle that was making a lot of noise, so he pointed out to himself that he wasn’t quite on time.

Noid was among the last to arrive.

Noid in an interview for Expres.

But he arrived in a good mood and Carlos was smiling at the amateur Thai boxer, so obviously everything was forgiven and the steam could continue. Even though Vašek, as an abstinent man, did not have a shot with the groom.

Boxer Lucie Sedláčková (pink dress) also arrived late with her partner and trainer Štěpán Horváth.

A sexy boxer showed up among the last Lucie Sedláčková with his coach and partner in one Štěpán Horváth. Karlos was so engrossed that he didn’t even notice that a few guests invited to the ceremony were missing. After all, if you invite around three hundred of them, then a few latecomers will be lost.