Trenr Banka Ostrava Tom Galsek will compete against Slovakia in a superstructure.
| photo: Ludk Ovesn,

The 90-year-old representative in Ostrava worked as an associate of Ondej Smetana in the middle of the season, and after his dismissal he became the head coach. In Sunday’s last league round of the group’s superstructures for the title in Pilsen, he will split with the Bank, occupying five cities in the dark.

That year was very inspiring and enriching for me and at the same time exhausting, it gave me a lot. But the mm family started to miss me in Germany and over time. That’s why I needed to shake off what she caressed for me during the football career, and that was the reason why I decided to shake my house, Galsek explained.

It was clear at two that I would go to Germany with my family. Tom has been working here for a while and his unmistakable energy and positive washing. He informed us in advance that the house was close to his family and that he was going to shake off after the seasons, said the club’s sports director Alois Grussmann. Let’s get on with it and see what it brings. You will once again cross our paths again, he added.