The renowned Mexican actress is in serious health, for which she has been hospitalized in an emergency in the city of Mexico.

In an interview, her daughter Silvia Pasquel reported that they realized that her mother had covid, after she went to the hospital because her blood pressure had dropped, as well as other heart problems: a cardiac arrhythmia.

He explained that at first, due to the pressure and heart problem, Silvia Pinal was in intensive care, but later they transferred her to a normal room. After several studies they discovered that he had covid-19.

It was his own daughter Alejandra Guzman who confirmed the news and clarified that he initially entered the hospital due to hypotension in addition to a heart rate lower than normal, which worried his family and it was hours later that the confirmed diagnosis was COVID19.

So far no more reports of his health have been revealed, so we will have to wait until his relatives give new news.