People’s Artist of Russia Larisa Dolina and aspiring singer, finalist of the vocal show “Come on, all together!” Garik Zebelyan presented a song based on the verses of Mikhail Gutseriev – “Moscow Runs Out of Boredom”.

Everyone has their own Moscow, and songwriter Mikhail Gutseriev saw the capital as “mysterious, intriguing and dear, like a wayward queen who does not like to be bored.” This mood was conveyed by their vocals Larisa Dolina and Garik Zebelyan.

“You can always sing about Moscow! Moscow is the most beautiful city with a long history and one wants to glorify it. The song turned out to be very bright, a real anthem to the capital. Despite the fact that it was written in a minor key, there is no sadness in it. The song evokes only joyful, bright feelings. And I am happy that such a beautiful work is now in my repertoire, ” admitted Larisa Alexandrovna.

Photo: press service of Mikhail Gutseriev

The directors of the video for the song were Alexei Golubev and Konstantin Beloshapka. In the plot, the authors show mini-stories from the lives of completely different people. These stories are collected in a large kaleidoscope of events that create the overall atmosphere of the clip.

Moscow does not sleep until morning.

Love here drives the world crazy

And a trace of happiness is visible in the heart.

Nobody knows what the secret is.

“It was the poems of the poet Mikhail Gutseriev that formed the idea of ​​the video script in my head. I realized that this song could become an alternative anthem for Moscow and the video should emphasize this. In this work, I was able to show the beauty of my beloved city the way I see it. Viewers will be able to plunge into the atmosphere of modern city blocks, as well as take a walk with the heroes of the clip through the old streets, which are saturated with the energy of youth and keep many secrets,” Alexey Golubev spoke about the clip.

And what happened as a result, you can see right now:

Clip “Running from boredom Moscow”