In the Gulf of Finland and the Archipelago Sea, the largest exercise of the Finnish Navy this autumn, Freezing Wings, began. This is reported Yle.

It is noted that the purpose of the exercises is to conduct an international joint operation on the coast of Finland and the waters of the Baltic, in particular, by teaching the military to provide and receive international assistance.

The exercises are attended by 23 warships, ships of the technical fleet, as well as units of the naval forces and infantry. In total, about five thousand people are involved. In addition, there will be high flight activity in Southern Finland and the northern Baltic Sea during the exercise.

The Freezing Wings exercise will last for more than a week. They will be joined by military personnel from Germany, France, the United States and Sweden.

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Earlier it was reported that Finland will build a three-kilometer test fences on the border with the Russian Federation. Work is scheduled to begin in March and be completed by summer.