paul burrellwho was the butler and right hand of Lady Dihas given an interview to the British media in which he reveals intimacies of the life of the prince harry when he was still a child and what his life was like when Lady Di he was alive.

In the interview, Burrell is extremely hurt and resentful of the documentary that the prince harry made for Netflix together with his wife, Meghan Marklein which he touched several of his relatives and reveals many secrets of the royal family.

Burrell managed to gain the trust of the sons of Lady Di like no one else did and that is why his words carry great weight in this scandal. In the interview he can be seen upset with Harry and explains why:

Harry was the troublemaker, the terror of the palace. He is the boy who was always told ‘your brother will be king’ and he realizes that his brother will have much more than him throughout his life.

I thought she was following in the same footsteps as her mother, who wanted a quiet life away from the spotlight.

For Burrell, the book Prince Harry wrote changed everything. A couple who wanted privacy and really wanted to keep it, suddenly invited the whole world and Netflix to their house to tell their family secrets and gave them millions for it and said that this represents having crossed the line of loyalty and gone out into the world. of the celebrity, something that is not typical of the prince harry.

To end, Burrell said:

He has entered that world and has sold his soul to the devil.

Assuring in the interview that Princess Diana would not have been happy and that she would never have approved all these actions that Harry has been doing publicly, he also mentioned that the royal family will never be the same after all these revelations.