Lady Di, as she was affectionately known, was one of the most iconic figures of British royalty. She was not only the princess of Wales and the wife of the King Charles III, but also a personality that left a great legacy of struggle and improvement. However, her relationship with Carlos was a determining factor in her life and her health.

Lady Di She suffered from previous problems with eating, which worsened due to the manifestations of abandonment and manipulation that she experienced during her marriage to the king. The pressure from the Crown to maintain that bond, added to the pressure of her illness, led her to a state of extreme thinness, which led specialists to diagnose her with an eating disorder, specifically bulimia.

The Queen isabel II had to intervene so that Lady Di Seek help and manage your illness. She also tried to mediate her marriage to prevent a meltdown. Bulimia is an eating disorder that is characterized by inappropriate behaviors such as binge eating or avoiding food intake to avoid gaining weight.

The Serie “The Crown» addressed the issue of the disease of Lady Di, though royal experts disagreed on how the issue was dealt with. However, the important thing is that Lady Di He left a legacy of fighting and overcoming adversity, and his story continues to inspire many people around the world.