Lady Di’s former butler, paul burrell, has requested a meeting with Prince Harry and Prince William in an attempt to mend their broken relationship. Burrel, who worked as Princess Diana’s butler for ten years until her death in 1997, revealed that he would like to share the secrets that Lady Di entrusted to him when she died, due to her critical state of health. her.

Burrel has been diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer and will undergo surgery. Faced with this situation, he has expressed the need to speak with the princes to share the information that was entrusted to him by his mother and that, according to him, could unite the sons of the prince again. King Charles III.

The former butler has stated that his intention is to help the princes find a way to reconcile, since that is what the Princess Diana. In addition, he has stressed the importance of the brothers reconciling, since he believes that together they can continue their mother’s legacy and do much good in the world.

It should be noted that the relationship between prince william and the prince harry It has been tense lately, but everything got worse after the publication of the book “Spare”, a book that caused strong concern in the Royal Family, for this reason Burrel’s offer could be an opportunity for the brothers to reconnect and repair their relationship.