The former butler of the mother of the princes William and Harry, Lady Dihas decided to talk about several things that she only talked about with him, and that is that she assures that with everything she has to tell them, she is almost sure that she would unify the estranged brothers again.

paul barrel who served the deceased Princess Diana For 10 years as his most trusted butler, he revealed to the media that he has a lot of information to tell Princes William and Harry, and that is that he ensures that both are entitled to know all the secrets that the princess shared with him, since Princess Diana would have liked her children to be together forever.

“I think Diana would say to me, ‘Paul, you have to make this a priority. You need to go see my boys,” “I know some of that isn’t pretty, but if I leave this place and go somewhere else, they’ll never know. I think they should know.” revealed Paul in a recent interview. Paul Barrel has been diagnosed with cancer prostate, so I confirm that it is time to tell everything.

Assuring the media that the information he possesses about the children of the British royals could be returned to bind to the siblings, something Princess Diana would have desperately wanted according to Paul.