the rosalia He once again created controversy on social networks due to the loud and scandalous look that he wore last weekend after finishing his presentation at the Coachella 2023. After her departure from the great musical event, La Rosalía decided to spend a nice night with her partner, rauw alejandrowhere he shared with his followers the look with which he would go out that night.

The artist caused a stir with the photographs of her make-up that he wore on the weekend, some of his followers commented that he looked like a vampireothers, that it caused fear when seen for a long time.

The image shows the artist with an elegant red steed with wide-booted pants, but the controversy it was not in her clothing, but in her exotic facial makeup, we do not know if she follows some fashion or more likely, she simply imposed her own trend.

She wore an imposing shade of red on her lips, with a black liner that further highlighted her entire mouth, but what really impact to his followers it was, what seemed, a false set of teeth simulating fangs bloodiedwhich matched her lips and her clothing.

although it was criticized for some, many others were delighted with the attitude of the artist to show a somewhat different and innovative look.