The popular American socialite and influencer Kylie Jenner Today he showed the face of his second son, who is named ‘wolf’. However, the news has come with another focus, and that is that several rumors have come to light that their baby is not from travis scott but from the canadian rapper Drake.

Today, the youngest of the powerful clan of sisters Kardashians, He has shown the face of his second son, who is named ‘Wolf’ and is the subject of a trend on social networks, but not only because he made himself known on the networks, but because of his alleged real father.

And it is that in previous months, the owner of the brand ‘Kylie Cosmetics’ She was involved in dating rumors with Canadian rapper and songwriter Drake. And according to what thousands of fans have commented on social networks, Jenner’s little baby bears a great resemblance to the interpreter of ‘Hotline Bling’.

The truth of the case is that his alleged father, fellow rapper Travis Scott, has a much darker skin color, making these rumors of non-paternity even stronger.

Will be Drake Wolf’s real father? It is something that we cannot confirm yet, but despite that, the rumors are already echoing a lot of noise in the Web, that she has not hesitated to viralize the four photos that the influencer published on each of her official social networks.

And you, do you think Wolf does he look like drake?