The popular French footballer kylian mbappe would be very interested in the renowned Barbadian singer Rihanna, so much so that he already asked his friend, also a French footballer Karim Benzema, references about the iconic interpreter.

Apparently kylian mbappe He is in love with and is nothing more and nothing less than Rihanna, and controversy comes after he asked his friend Benzema for information about the interpreter of ‘Diamonds‘, since they both had an old bond

During the Soccer World Cup Brazil 2014, Karim met the singer Despite the footballer’s low profile, he felt attracted to the imposing artist, with the mitigation that both sides revealed the attraction they felt.

According to sources close to her, they admitted that she was very excited about her new sentimental conquest and that she had never felt anything like it before, with the mitigation that a close friend of the striker, according to the aforementioned media, stated that they could get married at any time.

However, everything ended abruptly to the surprise of many. But that wouldn’t have made much of an impact. Mbappe, who these days would have asked his friend about her considering her “an impossible love for a long time.”

Also, Rihanna has a strong resemblance to the ex De Mbappe Alice Aylies, who stands out from a very young age in the catwalk world and at the age of 22, was crowned (in 2016) as miss france in Montpellier, representing French Guyana.

At the time, the beauty queen was all the rage on social media, after being compared to Rihanna for her stunning Caribbean attributes.

And you, do you think kylian mbappe managed to capture the attention of Rihanna?