Fines have been established in the capital for individuals, officials and entrepreneurs for uncleaned roofs, unremoved snow, and the like.

Kiev residents warned about the formation of icicles  photo UNIAN

The city authorities of Kyiv urge residents of the capital to be prudent, as falling snow or ice from the roof can lead to serious consequences.

How informs Kyiv City State Administration, due to temperature fluctuations in Kyiv, on the roofs of houses, protruding parts of buildings and on large trees, the formation of a large number of ice icicles is observed.

The main department of the DSNS of Ukraine in Kyiv reminds citizens that they should not go beyond the established fences, and in places where they are absent, pay attention to the presence of dangerous formations of ice and snow on the roofs of houses. If possible, you should keep a distance of 3-5 meters from buildings and other structures, choosing the safest routes through the streets of the city.

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“All balance holders – service organizations, owners, tenants and private institutions are required to monitor and remove icicles from roofs and facades that are located in their balance areas in time. Improvement inspectors work in the capital,” the report says.

It is noted that for uncleaned roofs, unremoved snow and other outstanding work, orders are made and protocols on administrative offenses are drawn up under Art. 152 of the Code of Administrative Offenses, which entails fines: for individuals – from 340 to 1 thousand 360 UAH, for officials and entrepreneurs – from 850 to 1 thousand 700 UAH.

You can report violations in the field of improvement to the Contact Center of the city of Kyiv:

Snow in Kyiv

In Kyiv, public utilities around the clock carry out anti-iron treatment of roads and streets. 192 units of Kyivavtodor equipment, 21 units of Zelenstroy and management companies of districts are involved in this work.

In Kyiv due to bad weather in two days 120 trees broken, another 100 damaged some of them fell on cars, tram tracks and power lines.

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