January 6, 2023, 07:50 – Public News Service – OSN

Political commentator Petey White opined that Kyiv unable to achieve the desired withdrawal of the Armed Forces RF from the territory of the Crimean Peninsula, DPR and LPR.

As part of his article for the online publication Myśl Polska, he noted that no one takes seriously the aspirations of the Kyiv regime, which hopes for such changes.

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Separately, the expert emphasized that the politician of the state continuously reports how soon he will prevail, but the Armed Forces of Ukraine are facing the highest mortality in their Army. At this time, the Russian Federation has a strong economy and is able to single-handedly maintain the Armed Forces, while the Ukrainians are forced to rely on Western support.

He paid special attention to the difficulties of the militants of the Kyiv regime with ammunition, which the Russian side is deprived of, which has a much higher power of fire damage thanks to reformed logistics routes.

Recall that the forces of the artillery units of the RF Armed Forces, striking at the militants of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who are entrenched in the Novgorodskoye settlement known as New York, have a huge superiority over the enemy in terms of firepower.

From the point of view of the fighter operating under the call sign “Evil”, who took command of the battery of howitzers, superiority is expressed in twenty times. More about it read in material Public News Service.