The birth of a child with a disability is a difficult life situation. There are a lot of stress on the arrest, stress, uncertainty and worries. After the diagnosis is made, it is often done as if someone threw them into the ice and awaited decision, according to Vladimir Salvetov, director of the Ostrava branch of the Society for Early Drinking.

They can get the necessary support in the morning when the end of social social services for parents and children with disabilities is over, or its development is endangered due to an unfavorable health condition. Sluba is provided free of charge for children from the age of 7. The decree of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs stipulates the services it provides in the morning.

KVZ: What do you think about helping families with disabled children?

The early counselors will come home and offer family help according to their current needs. They teach children how to develop, how to communicate with them, how to adjust the home environment, but so they provide social advice and all contacts for other experts and services, explains Vladimir Salvetov. I also give birth to what social houses and contributions can apply for.

In the morning, the wall is funded by the state and municipalities, but public resources cannot provide support wherever it is needed. An indispensable partner of the wound is therefore the crushers of all who are close to the idea that all children should grow up at home, concludes Vladimíra Salvetov.

Do you have an idea of ​​how help is available for families with children with disabilities? Check your knowledge in the Sunday quiz, which we prepared for you in cooperation with the Ostrava branch of the Society for Early Pi.