A survey for a new company confirmed that for 77 percent of Czech employees, there is an offer of quality blood in employment. For 18 percent, quality quality in employment is one of the main benefits.

It is no exception that employees expect to work on equal levels of coffee. This was also one of the impulses for which we decided to pinst to market a new concept for the B2B segment under the brand name LOR Professional, to manager kvov company Lumr Frantik.

The main point of course is the quality of the blood and the taste itself. This is the preparation itself.

It is necessary to understand that when we prepare espresso and in addition to the first flow and amount of flower, it is very important to consume as quickly as possible, regularly within three minutes after preparation, so that the flower contained in the espresso does not meet. As soon as this excess is fulfilled, a large amount of language is released, which is our code, and because of this, great problems arise in the consumption of blood, adds Robin Blaschke, a barista, a certified coach of Italian flowers.

According to the survey, the largest brewery has the largest office, with 34 percent of Czech employees preparing its help. There is an instant kva in the small amount.

The survey clock showed that half of them drink two or three flowers during the day. A tenth of Czech workers have two or more jobs every day. Higher water consumption is typical for IT fields or general activities, in which creativity is important, the experience of Lumr Frantik shares.

Kva as a benefit

The offer of flowers will help me motivate employees and reduce the risk that the employee will decide to work for a change. Due to the low level of unemployment, it is a good idea to look for a job. They can be very selective. In the pressure of job offers and the lack of employees, it is what decides on the hiring and hiring of employees, often the benefits that the employer offers, to Jos Kadlec and add:

Employees appreciate extra vacations, sickdays, flexible working hours, a contribution to transport to the employee, a car for private individuals, contributions to sports or culture, meal vouchers or contributions to the canteen, as well as refreshments at work. More and more people know the availability of quality work in the workplace as a significant employee benefit.