The young man Tiktoker Mexican who is in the news again for undergoing an aesthetic treatment that, apparently, did not turn out as expected.

Kunno He said he would get a touch-up on his neck to look better this Christmas and New Years holidays, but the treatment took away some mobility in his face and he is unable to smile freely, as he is used to.

In his stories on Instagram, the so-called influencer admitted:

“I can’t smile. Do you know what’s the worst? That I said I operated my neck to be in the most handsome Christmas and New Year photos and I will not be able to smile “

Everything indicates that Kunno’s bad moment is due to a natural reaction in the recovery process, so the boy is taking it with good humor. “Kunno smiles in the photo, you look very serious”, he released in the recording.

His jaw is covered with tapes that protect his face. In the little clip he says to himself: ‘How horrible! I tried to smile and I forgot that I can’t… But I look pretty ».

Users took this opportunity to once again turn against him. “Is incredible! The faces of the artists have become #copypaste I would swear it is a mold “,” She looks like the mother of The Kardashians “,” Why do they give so much publicity to those who do not deserve it “.

What do you think of this new occurrence of Kunno?