the controversial Tiktoker He has become one of the most controversial influencers in Latin American culture. Having risen to fame so quickly and not having a lot of elements and resources that people consider necessary, such as studies would be, there has been no time when he is not the object of criticism and ridicule for his way of being.

There is a phrase that says “opportunities multiply as they are taken” and that seems to have happened with the influencer Kunno or Papi Kunno, who since he rose to fame has not ceased to be in the center of attention and controversy, which has brought him many opportunities such as participating in a program such as “Who is the mask?”

Before 2020 this character was only Guillermo Kunno, a young man from the city of Monterrey, who led a normal life until in February 2019 he decided to join TikTok, where his makeup videos, reactions and even challenges made him very popular, but for his controversial attitudes he began to gain a good number of followers as detractors.

Since the beginning of his career as a public figure, the young man from Monterrey has become a character who, loved by many and hated by others, always gives a lot to talk about. Likewise, with just over a year after starting his life as a public figure, the Mexican has already begun to diversify his earnings in other projects. However, there is one that has attracted powerfully attention.

Now, as a result of an interview he had with the popular Dominican team of Alofoke Radio Show, the interpreter of “Maybe” has opened up about one of his greatest goals and aspirations. It would be, as if that were not enough, to become the artist behind the halftime of the Super Bowl Yes! As it reads: the Monterrey-born man is pursuing the ambitious goal of making halftime at the famous sporting event.

And also, recently, he also affirmed that he hopes to become a massive exponent of Latin pop, he wants to “dominate the genre and be the king of pop in the region.”

What do you think of Kunno’s statements?