I already saw that there are people who speak, because I didn’t explain myself either. When I told them that I could not smile, it is because this part of my mouth is asleep, not because they left me bad or they left me ‘crooked’ “

The Mexican tiktoker Kunno He has responded to people who were making fun that at this time he cannot smile as a result of cosmetic surgery that has caused inflammation in his mouth.

While the celebrity of Monterrey He received different messages of affection from his followers, there were also nicknames. Given this, Kunno He mentioned that many things that are said about him are lies or exaggerations.

“Out of 10 gossip, nine make them up. I will be able to smile well after recovering ”, he concluded.

In addition, Kunno revealed to his followers that he underwent cosmetic surgery on his neck and face, through his account of Instagram.

Although the influencer was encouraged by this procedure with the intention of looking more stylized for the holidays, he admitted that he is suffering with some complications in the postoperative period. One of them is the inability to smile.

The celebrity of TikTok He took this inconvenience with humor and was encouraged to show his fans what his smile currently looks like