The popular and controversial tiktoker He has revealed in his most recent interview that he regrets very much about defining himself as an artist, since the wave of criticism affected him to a huge extent.

In October of this year, a controversy broke out after Kunno said in a program that more than tiktoker he considers himself a celebrity.

The dangerous statement was made during an interview broadcast on the YouTube channel Alofokeradioshow, in which he talked about his rose to fame after his famous Hike in 4K went viral and several artists of international stature such as Thalía made duets for it.

“I didn’t do anything on TikTok, I did things on Instagram, but it was personal. But when I made my first TikTok it was a walk for a viral video in the United States and my first TikTok reached 50 thousand likes, which for me at that time was viral, “he said at one point.

The auction of such a lofty interview ended with what many have already seen, when Kunno added:

“I have never seen any other tiktoker, because today I no longer consider myself a tiktoker, I consider myself what I am: a celebrity and an artist.”

Now, after the harsh criticism that has rained down on him for those statements, it seems that the influencer reconsidered and assures that he never wanted to imply that.

“I did not mean to say it like that, I will always be a tiktoker and an influencer, that is literally what I will always be, it went a bit wrong, I wanted to communicate it. However, here we are, “he said during an interview on the red carpet of the” People’s Choice Awards. “

Finally, a week ago he told Infobae Mexico about his career and how he is preparing to continue being famous. “Over time I have had to grasp this weight of a strong, protective, fierce person, who falls into different comments such as ‘you think the last coca cola in the desert’, but in reality I am human, yes I am a person and it has touched me many times cry and stress ”.