Kunno He gave something to talk about when on Saturday he was invited to the Coca-Cola Flow Fest and his presence on stage caused the annoyance of various attendees. And is that his career as a tiktoker has been involved in controversy. One of the most recent is because the tiktoker asked Internet users to empathize with the mistakes of some influencers.

In an interview for the YouTube portal of El Tag Show with Gipsy The controversial tiktoker spoke on various topics that have angered Internet users and that have sometimes caused Kunno to be singled out as arrogant and lacking in talent.

“It has been part of learning, I try to take it all with humor and in a way that can give me feedback. I’m very focused on my career, the time I broke down on social media it was because of my family, but I’m all super good ‘as well as soap slips on me,’ “said the content creator

“People then see influencers as they are no longer people, but in reality we are all human and we can all make mistakes in different ways, simply learn from those mistakes and change and set the example that you are a person,” he said during the event of Kimberly Loaiza.