Will they be Kunno Y Sebastian Yatra the couple of the moment? Social networks are very aware of rumors of this possible relationship, and new photographs have revived the controversy.

Kunno and Sebastián Yatra have been giving a lot to talk about in recent days. Certainly, the Colombian and the Mexican are used to seeing their names in the headlines. However, seeing both in the same news is, at the least, striking for millions of Internet users. Something that seems to have consented in recent days from Instagram.

The reason why the influencer and the singer have become a conversion topic, far from being a gossip, is for much more than their friendship. Through the aforementioned social network, the Mexican and the Paisa were seen sharing in parties, meetings and encounters recently. While they are known to have a ton of friends in common, recently these two have been seen a lot more together.

With expressions of affection, Kunno has proven to be a true fan of the Colombian harmonies. Meanwhile, Yatra has not been left behind with his gestures of love and affection towards him. A friendship relationship that, at least for many of his fans, may have transcended a little beyond that. A fact that for many others has been unthinkable, since they are of totally different tendencies.

Now, in a new video that the “QPS” interpreter has uploaded to his official profile, he has been seen again with Sebastián. From what can be seen, both are currently in Spain. However, it seems that the closeness they have shown has been more of a marketing strategy than anything else. With “red heels” in the background, they both lip-synched, giving each other no more than hugs.

What do you think of this new meeting?