Tatana Kucharova she revealed for the show Showtime behind the scenes of his marriage to a musician Ondřej Brzobohatý. And according to what he says, it was no honey, more like an endless prankster and a game of long-lost trust. Kuchařová revealed that as part of the manipulations, her ex-husband should have sworn to the death of his family, while he allegedly chased her with pleasure while they were trying for a baby. And the model is said to have experienced more such crazy situations. Brzobohatý does not comment on their separation, alleging that he does not swirl the waters of public space even more.

“I never missed anything he couldn’t do for himself. After all, one of the many infidelities broke through, he was to blame. I haven’t been on the air with Daniela for a long time. The fact that they started and moved their relationship to a completely different level soon after we were very fresh after the renewal of the church and we were working on the family at the time is just a fact, that’s right. “ the model was shocked to understand why Brzobohatý and Písařovicová are now silent about the whole case. But she is said to have a clear conscience.

The things Kuchařová describes are really something that no wife wants to experience. All the more reason is that some other lady would proudly divorce such a man … But Kuchařová also had something to say about Písařovicová’s relationship with Brzobohatý.

“As I say, their karma, their happiness, I let those things flow, maybe in time it will become clear how it all is,” Taťána continued, saying that she had settled the gap even better with what she had experienced with Ondřej.

“I think that what stretched me, what I experienced and what I went through, all the lies, manipulations, how he swore to the death of his own family, and I believed it … I think that I did it very well. I wish those other partners to endure with the same dignity as I did. ” she stated.

And it is possible that he cheated the password once, cheats again, pays off, and Písařovicová bitterly regrets her decision in the future. But only time will tell. On Instagram of Písařovicová, however, such a poignant remark appears in the comments here and there.

“I don’t wish anything bad, I believe that it adds up to all of us upstairs, I’m a believer. For me, the last point behind all this will be the annulment of the church union, “ Kuchařová is clear, saying that her marriage to Brzobohatý was a huge life experience.

“It’s every conscience and every karma,” she added in a report to the address of the new couple.

Daniela Písařovicová and Ondřej Gregor Brzobohatý in the show Incognito

The surname Kuchařová is said to have Taťána back in the documents, only the social networks are working slowly on the beauty queen and they are not reacting much to her demands for a change of virtual nickname.

“Instagram and Facebook are not responding. I’ve been really trying for several weeks and I know it looks like I don’t want to break away from it, but the processes are time consuming. “ the model explained.

She also talked about why she accepted Brzobohatý surname at the time and why she no longer wanted anything to do with him.

“At that time, I supported Ondřej by taking his family name from both parents. That’s when it came to me as a good and honest idea. ” she said, but it got along with her then.

“I see no reason to keep it. I made this surname famous, I’m known all over the world, everyone remembers me like that, “ she added, stating that now was the time to look for a new partner, although she was still single.