Tatana Kucharova in a relatively calm conversation for CNN Prima News she talked about the relationship with Ondřej. Fashion model breaking up with a musician Brzobohamým (39) often comments publicly, and this time she did not forget to dig into her ex-husband indirectly. She spoke about a toxic husband, psychotherapist visits and a scarred psyche to the sounds of the song Cry Me and River, which once famously described his infamous break with Britney Spears’ unfaithful Timberlake.

One might argue that a person who transfers through his ex no longer needs to comment or pollute him. But it’s hard to say, perhaps Kuchařová has set herself the goal and life mission of informing women in the Czech Republic about toxic relationships and giving them the courage to step out of them and not be afraid to talk about their experiences and seek professional help. That’s not happening much yet. Her statements seem more like passive-aggressive mini-attacks, which puts Kuchařová in the role of a victim. But from what he tells us, we don’t know what the victim is.

In the report, Kuchařová admitted that she took her recent hair shortening as part of her cut off from the past. On the other hand, the mikado suited her for a new campaign, which she set out to take pictures all the way to sunny Mallorca. But she also talked about her psyche, because in one of the previous interviews she stated that she was solving unspecified psychosomatic problems and she had difficulty even getting out of bed.

Kuchařová admitted that she was attending therapies immediately after breaking up on Instagram.

“I have now learned that I am suffering from some serious mental health problem. Not at all, on the contrary, I am a healthy person, “ has made some of the claims made by some sites that they are suffering from serious mental health problems.

But the model never said that, she just mentioned as we have written in the pastthat she had psychosomatic problems. However, according to what she stated in the report, she blames her life situation clearly and only to Ondřej.

“I deal with the life situation in which my partner got me honestly, and I don’t think it’s a shame to admit it when you visit a therapist. Definitely not a psychiatrist, someone else needs that, not me, “ she continued.

She probably meant her husband by someone, it’s not a shame for us, but there’s no visit to a psychiatrist here or there.

Taťána Kuchařová also managed to photograph the campaign in Mallorca.

Once again, Kuchařová did not forget to remind her that the marriage was toxic and that thanks to the therapy she understood that she was the healthy one, unlike … You know who.

“It wasn’t my choice, but I’m happy for it because I got out of it on time,” concluded Tatiana, saying that she is mentally well and is enjoying a new life.