Marta Kubišová (79) is in the hospital with health problems on Friday night, as reported by the website, but there is speculation about intestinal perforation. The singer complained about health problems a month ago.

“The news that Mrs. Marta Kubišová is in the hospital really hit us hard, because she is a long-time member of our organization, a great lover of animals. We know her personally because she used to go to our shelter regularly,” said the head of the Animal Protection League, Dagmar Kubištová.

“We’re keeping our fingers crossed for her, sending her all the energy for a speedy recovery and a speedy return to her family and her pets,” she added.

The information was also confirmed by the director of the Ungelt theater and the singer’s close friend and manager Milan Hein. “I know about it, but I won’t tell you more,” he stated.

Kubišová has been suffering from health problems since June, she felt sick at the presentation of the medals of honorary citizens of the city of Prague, and after receiving the award from the mayor Zdenek Hřib, she had to leave the ceremony.