“If something were to happen to me, or if I got sick, please go to Na Homolce Hospital,” she reported Marta Kubišová the driver who picked her up at her home when she went to the Blesk Tlapky – Dog Festival event some time ago.

“You know, at my age everything has to be taken into account and I’m ready for anything,” confided the singer at the time, saying that she is happy because of how close she lives to her favorite hospital.

The biggest star of the premiere was undoubtedly Marta Kubišová.

“I can’t blame them, they’ve always taken great care of me there, so I’m loyal to them,” the legendary singer admitted. She also warned the production manager that if she faints, she has drops in her purse and should put them under her tongue immediately. All this in case she falls to the ground and no one knows that the rescue is hiding in her purse.

Unfortunately, she had no idea then that in two months she would have the same problem as her friend Václav Havel (†75). Like him, she also suffered a bowel perforation and had to be operated on immediately.

Fortunately, she was at the hospital quickly and according to the information I see! she is recovering well from the difficult operation and should be back home soon. However, a strict diet awaits her.

Neckář also ended up in the hospital

When Kubišová was in Na Homolce Hospital, her friend and former colleague from the Golden Kids trio also had to be there Vaclav Neckar. On Thursday, he felt nauseous, he could not move the fingers on one hand, which were also tingling, so he was hospitalized.

“I stopped think of myself at once, and I became terribly afraid for her, I felt sick again.” he said to Lightning.

“Fortunately, I was released on Friday, my fingers no longer tingle and I’m fine. I don’t know what it was. Now I decide to call Marta. Maybe not until tomorrow, I don’t want to disturb her, let her rest in peace to recover,” continued the singer. He sometimes meets Kubišová in the hospital, heart surgeon and professor Petr Neužil is in charge of both hearts.