British Queen Albta II. (Windsor, April 28, 2022)
| photo: Reuters

The queen told me about episodic mobility problems, and after consulting with her doctor, she decided not to open a parliamentary session, Buckingham Thumb said.

The queen’s speech, which is being prepared by the government, will be delivered this year by Prince Charles. The beginning of the parliamentary session is thus represented by the Queen’s grandson, Prince William, who is a kind in line of succession.

the ten-year-old queen since late autumn, when she spent the night in the hospital, from here to Windsor Castle near London. She suffered from sick covid-19 in the burrow. The Krlovsk family recently announced that Albta will not be hosting a traditional celebration in Buckingham Thumb Gardens this year. It is not yet clear whether she will be present at the celebrations of the 70th anniversary of her accession to the thorn. Buckingham thumb said he did, but he would not confirm his asta.

Palc declined to give details of Albtin’s illness, but one Reuters source said it was related to the problems she had last year.

The conspirators will debate the speech that Charles will take the town of the Queen this year for a few days and finally vote on it. But that’s just a formality. This was last lost in 1924 by Conservative Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin, who lost a parliamentary vote in a local election.

Parliamentary Meetings in Britain last about 12 months. At the end of it, all elaborated draft laws are terminated and the government subsequently follows the speech of the Queen at the opening of the new meeting, which represents the legislative full for the next period. Between the two sessions is a variegated, ttdenn week.