Like many of his peers, Robert A. Wardhaugh failed in the so-called RPG. He grew up with the meeting of eight-eight-year-olds, when they were home to great rarity, so he had to be content with their paper variant, which we famous for drama thanks to Dram doupti. The adventures of the adventure were taken care of by one of the Pn caves, the graphics were provided by imagination, and every night the adrenaline scenes were helped by the dice.

Robert Wardhaugh on the St. Dungeons & Dragons campaign says immensely that he is the best in the world.

Even though it was an innocent deprivation, which in the context of the daily constant grains on the screens of mobile phones and clothes, the public at that time (as always) was not ready for a new deprivation of young people. kali om, that I am a leader of the cult or a communist, he remembers in an interview for Wired magazine Professor of Modern History of the University of Manitob on St. Hard Arrest. Probably he probably didn’t know that this horse would swim 40 years later. And not only his, but also a lot of his friends at the time, with whom the original camp still plays all the time.

Its story takes place within a few centuries, the main characters die, but the players have the opportunity to punch their alter ego into their pmch descendants and so the world continues to develop for several generations. Not to mention that the game is both very emotional. Robert is quite a writer to his audience, and when he has a character on earth, he cannot rely on any deus ex machina. Many times I’ve seen him come to cry, piznv.

The game hall occupies the basement of the family house, with more than 30,000 model figures stored there.

His fictional world, which he immodestly claims to be the best in the world today, is an alternative version of the real world and is constantly expanding. At present, there is practically no environment for which it would not be prepared, apart from the replacement of screens and braids, the model and coloring of the figures is also dedicated. These days on the day to 30 thousand, and then there is an inexhaustible number of additions that all conceivable environments.

When I bought the house, the most important factor for me was to have enough space on the edge, Robert reveals, but now at his heel he practically the whole sutern. By the way, the world, with whom he has not lost contact since the middle round, even though many of them have taken their lives elsewhere, do not let the characters move and move them around the map with their own hands. Some might read that the mm complex, he realizes, but he did not intend to change anything in his breeding.

The most important thing is not the game itself, but together with the face.

And how does the family look at his hobby? Not a word can be said about the wife in the given interview, but his daughter has been playing with her since she was six years old. Today she is 20 and still stands up, she even brought her bird into the game recently. However, this brought about a rather obscure situation, when her father warned her that if she ever broke up with him, he would not exclude him from his game.

And does this ultimate cave have an epic end to the whole sgy? No, I’ll play as long as I can, refuse to deal with this darkness at all. I hope that it will be until the end of my life, I do not want to drink about the world, the song by the way, that the game itself is not the end, but the people around them.