“It simply came to our notice then. Twelve years is an age at which someone disrupts an intimate space that you don’t even know exists, ”he says. Kristýna Leichtová during an interview for the Talk show.

The horrific incident took place more than twenty years ago. The actress admits that she has dealt with trauma for a long time. “She hid and kept it a secret for a long time. The only one who knew about it was my best friend from elementary school. I confided in her about fourteen days after that happened, “she describes.

It was her friend’s reaction that helped her not to be afraid to talk openly about the problem later. “By accepting me and not condemning me, we were able to talk about the problem quite normally,” Leicht said, adding that many women had unfortunately had a similar experience.

“When I entered the conservatory at the age of fifteen, my friends and I sat down in a teahouse and the topic of sexual abuse came up. Suddenly we found out that all those girls have some similar experience. Thanks to the fact that we talked about it so openly, we were all relieved, “described the actress known from the films Participants of the Tour or Child No. 44.

Kristýna Leichtová decided to talk about her problem again years later. “I believe I have made it through sharing. By talking about it, I named the problem and it disappeared. It was by naming the demon, which was anxiety and shame, that helped me. It’s an experience that I can pass on and share, “he explains.

His fingers were suddenly inside me, accusing the photographer of abusing Ratajkowski

According to her, the worst thing that victims of sexual abuse can do is not to talk about the experience. “There are a lot of girls who keep it to themselves, and that’s the worst thing they can do. This lasts a lifetime, “he adds.

In an interview with the magazine Lidové noviny On Friday, Leicht confided in 2011 that she still could not forget how she had to be questioned at the age of twelve, where investigators kept asking her if she was too challenging and provocative.

“I was a child who had no idea such things happened. If it weren’t for my mother and I just gave in to the contemptuous looks of the police and the miserable sympathy of those around me, I would believe that I was actually to blame. ” described then.

The rapist was caught a quarter of a year later. “Five other girls convicted him. In the end, he only got two and a half years. Fortunately, I only learned that as an adult, “added Kristýna Leichtová, who recalled the horrific experience of shooting the film Bastardi, where a rape victim had to play. Although at first she hesitated to accept such a role, in the end she was said to be a cleansing therapy for her and advised all victims not to suffocate such experiences.