Another problem is growing in Hollywood with Taylor Swift and the Kardashian clan, the media assure that Kris Jenner leaked the complete list of the artists who most used their private jets and polluted, all this after Kylie Jenner was under fire for taking 13-minute flights every few days.

But, it was learned that Taylor Swift is the one who uses her private jet the most, so now environmentalists and the media are criticizing her. To explain it better, several days ago environmentalists boycotted Kylie Jenner because it was leaked that she was abusing the use of her private jet, and it was even known that she herself Chris Jenner he was struck by this.

Although, forchance“, the next day a marketing company located in New York, under the name “YARD“, published a new list with exclusive private data of the celebrities who used their private jets the most polluting the environment, and to surprise, Kylie Jenner was not even in the top 10 of the list, Taylor Swift now ranks first.

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Of course, all the criticism is now directed at Taylor and Kylie is in the past. Everything was going well, until a few hours ago an account published that it was Kris Jenner who leaked the data to protect her daughter better from her, and for what seems to be an oversight, Khloe Kardashian gave him a like in the form of approval.

Everything indicates that Khloe was making fun of her mother’s mischief, which in the past has already done similar things to divert attention from her family and not be criticized, and thus maintain a good reputation especially with the big brands that sponsor them, which are greatly influenced by these things.