This year, for the first time after succeeding in the final of the extra league, the steel triumphed on the ice of the opponent in Prague, beating Sparta 2: 1 and sri won 4: 2.

Were the celebrations jin?
Jin was that we were returning home by bus. Last year we sat with us in the hall in atn, but not everyone got to Sparta. There weren’t that many people there and only we were on the bus. When we drank to Tince, we were pretty tired.

Would you rather celebrate at home?
Probably yes, but it was because it was on Spart. Huge krsn hall, good people, nice zitek.

You’ve only ridden a species for a long time. Are these titles more valuable for you now?
That’s right, I kind of used to, I didn’t go to Tince. Twice with Vtkovice, we lost one finale with Steel, twice in KHL. But when I look back on it, even finle is in a hurry. There were plenty of seasons I was in. It’s a great thing when a hunter has the opportunity to fight for that gold.

What compares the current Tine dynasty with the one that had won the title in the late 1990s?
I wouldn’t compare it much. Of course, winning one day in a row is time and it’s something that just doesn’t work out. It’s not easy, because they are equal in the league. Those who have a great or very good game are a lot. The favorite for the title is always vc. Everything was essentially good then. Therefore, only Sparta was able to compete with him. It’s different now, the season is over and no one knows who will win me.

Yes, when it comes to the balance of the extra league, only you in the playoffs of the teams with Vtkovice and Mladá Boleslav won 4: 0 and the final with Sparta 4: 2.
However, the individual passports were settled. Boleslav and I always attacked you once and on the ramps. It wasn’t like we were making anyone clear of zero. It was a long time because we had two and managed two to meet them. Mon, even though we have experience and we played against soup, which do not have so many.

A dozen hockey players completed the race with a championship cup.

Will tk in five seasons now get you the titles?
Let’s see. There will be a lot of change. We all know that a new trainer is coming, nothing is playing, a lot of boys are leaving. It will be a new and new experience. Because when Venca (coach Varaa) is not here, we will try to meet the standard we are used to. Mt deployed in the thorn and in the grass so that we have the results again.

Your coach will take over coach Zdenk Motk and his assistant Vladimir Orszgh. Replace some hockey players. How will your role be capital?
There are a lot of old experienced games here. It will be new for all of us. You always have the communication to sit in the dark, get stuck in the tracks, which your new coach will ask for. So that the marching boys fit in with us, so that we can play and fight for each other.

It is clear that everyone wants to win, but the furnace will not lose the motivation of Chinese hockey players after the rush of previous years?
I don’t know anyone would be satisfied that they wouldn’t want to succeed again. And the boys who come will have the opportunity to win the league for the first time. Even for young boys, it’s interesting to have a career started at twenty-two in the dark that they will win the game … That’s something unbelievable. We know the motivation for the boy will be. It will be tk, it will be something new, but in our darkness we all work to be spn.

Without it, no one could be in your …
There would be no one who would not give adequate actions, who would not sit the characters in the dark and do what they wanted.

The finale in Werk Arn was also created by a friend David Krej, who last season thl Olomouc. They first appeared that you wanted to play together. What about pt seasons in Tinci?
David is considering whether to end the career or continue. Netum, as he decides. I don’t know if I want to play. His family decides a lot, as he is an American. If he stays on the ice, his family will be in front of him at his age. I don’t know. We said we would have a beer after the seasons and talk. I have to try something, I won’t sit and grind. But it will be on nm. I know he will decide first.

David Krej, Petr Vrna, Martin Rika could also have steel in five seasons?
Everything stt. It would be time to play with him. We did it, but when David returned from the NHL, I had a contract here in Tinec and I didn’t want to leave work.

You have titles, so in the Champions League you are only once in the semifinals. Don’t be silent for any big result ivn?
Success in the Champions League would be great, but it’s not easy, because zan in lt. I have a different preparation, otherwise a long season. They come in new games, a lot of things have to sit down. Let’s definitely do our best to get as far as possible.