At this time last year, it caused a stir that a new city hospital could grow in those cities. After the criticism in the end led by Brno rejected such a proposal and pedaled the land into the inner stars, which has now prepared a project to turn the whole land into a park.

The main element in the future will be the hanging promenade, such a ring in the korunch tree, said the architect Martin Rudi, who worked on the design.

Thanks to the slope, the people will not go uphill to the lookout tower, but along a three-and-a-half-meter-wide path they will walk along the plain between the trees and observe the entrance of Brno or even the remote village on the horizon.

We found out what is wrong with the people of Krav today, and we think that it is mainly a quality refreshment and thus a flat area for passive and active rest, the architect said.

Such flat areas on the hilly slope of the existing greenery are not real. In this case, even if it is the other side of the slope, it can. Demolish the houses to go from the times of the worlds kind of wolves and after them a new greenery and park will be created.

In a year, the park will be open, kf hvrrny

Of the about twenty houses, it is now owned by the city of pt. This is just the name of the whole area, which otherwise belongs to the Brno University of Technology (BUT). last year, she refused to sell the plot of land.

The management of Brno and the wheels suggests that in the future this center will open up to people and turn into the form of the first park and one day connect it with the Kadetka park, which is down at ikova street.

Let’s deal with the darkness with arel dl. The decision has not yet been made, but the technical condition of the buildings will certainly be considered, said BUT BUT Quaestor Daniela Nmcov.

In the autumn, they want to start with the first preparatory work, so that at the end of the year it can start with demolition. The park will be open in a year, said Ji Duek, Brno. He spoke similarly last year, when he took over the land from the city, ie arel will open this spring.

According to him, this should be a real uprising. He has the documents ready so that he can file enough for the building, and the necessary pension. It will cost up to ten million crowns, he said.

A treetop trail in two years

But the first thing I mean is the removal of the fence, demolition and the right of the newly created areas of the park. It does not include a circular view or sit under it near the refreshments, which should be built into the slope so as not to disturb rust and insight.

For us, it is essential to open the public to the public as soon as possible, because then no one will build anything here, Duek came to the rescue of hospitals, and he may have spoken out against them.

The viewing ring with a diameter of 42 and a length of 132 meters will be more expensive. He did not expect the stiffener to reach the bottom of the summit, but he hoped to get him a pension so that this Brno trail through the crowns of the tree could build a tree at the turn of 2023 and 2024.

These are not the only changes planned in this locality. the right ones are waiting for Mru u Krav hory. Last year, the councilors decided on a major architectural competition, and now this proposal is being developed.

In one of the following meetings, they will be happy to discuss the agreement on the processing of the investment agreement on the right. According to, for example, we are negotiating with the owners on the construction of the land in question, on which the Brnnky store is located, on the basis of the property agreement, a cooperation agreement was concluded, said Brno Pouchlek Filip Pouchlek.