It almost looks as if every VIP guest who arrived at the party of Karlos Vmola (37) and Lela Ceterov (33) had some kind of combat bike. Ji Krampol took on the role of a couple, the influential businessman Ivo Rittig seduced Enich, and Natlie Grossov? She sang the sweet wedding song. Who has arrived at the Obanská plovrna in Prague?

The guests included, for example, an actor and a moderator She Krampol. Similar to businessman Ivo Rittig, who was Enich’s best man, he was too old for the wedding.

It suited him very well and the responsible function of the two. Yes, they will Carlos and Lela kat before him.

Ji Krampol was also present at Karlos Vmola’s wedding.

Lela like a princess.

On the ship, where the popular friend with the bees rode to freedom, we, apart from Rittig, looked like this Sagvan Tofimoderator and co-owner of Oktagon MMA Ondej Novotnho and a football player Horst Siegel. Vichni then flowed smoothly to the Obanská plovrna.

The big day was celebrated like this by the wedding party Natalia Grossov, who will sing together with Bohu Matu for the late guests. She arrived alone, unaccompanied, and so everyone greeted her new friend Adam Kajumithey had a contract.

Natlie Grossov also received an invitation to the wedding of Karlos Vmola, who sang as a guest.

Hana Reinders Ma

MMA champion Alexander Cverna

Gradually, the fitness machine arrived Hana Reindersmoderator Michal Kavalk and partner Lucie Bl Radek Filipi or rapper Rytmus.