By Krampol you are the same as Dda Patrasov and Felix Slovek he wanted to rest in sunny Tunisia and recharge his batteries. But she did not fulfill her holiday. The moderator and the actor shook the wounded and, moreover, hard, he doesn’t want to.

I don’t care much about it. This check-in is something else, don’t end there, bottom, you won’t get there at all. In lt I will go to Moravia, there mm znm and pbuzn. It’s not there, but it’s in the cellar. Vna in Tunisia? That’s not even a question. Nco stranho. And the beer? It’s like aquarium water. Coffee too, Krampol told the editor of Expres, who explained the sweat and ended up in a wheelchair.

I probably clung to the sand and tore my leg. I had petren ligaments in my knee. It’s far from the plane to park, so they had to take me in a wheelchair, because I wouldn’t make it. But that leg is good and overall, the best in recent years, Krampol told him, his knee problems had suffered for many years.

It started for me years ago at the showroom, where they stuck my leg. It’s stupid to play tennis, I’m so sorry, added the moderator, who last year sold tk burn lungs.

Krampol still had darker references to help others.

Dda worked normally

The beer, vno and kva did not taste to Krampol in Tunisia at all, but he again took the presence of good friends on holiday.

The group was perfect and very nice, the actor, whom we asked about some problems between Dda Patrasová and Felix Slovek.

A few days ago, there was information that Patrasov was constantly busy in the Tunisian hotel and then she was aggressive towards her husband.

dn problems were not, they are nonsense. Dda worked there normally, went to the pool, sunbathed and swam. Even in Prague, flying was normal, Krampol played his old friend.

But I’m afraid he’ll do something, because he thought it for a while and they turned it around that I didn’t ask him. I have known her since her estates, she is my friend. Felix too, I’ve known him almost all my life. I wouldn’t do anything wrong in my life, added Krampol to zvr.