January 7, 2023, 04:46 PM – Public News Service – OSN

New omicron strain COVID-19 “kraken” (XBB.1.5) can spread widely in Russia in the next few months. This was noticed by the candidate of medical sciences, immunologist Nikolai Kryuchkov.

However, according to him, the likelihood of dominance “kraken” around the world is small. The strain will exist in parallel with other variants that already exist at the moment.

“Kraken” is a fairly strong subline, but the differences with previous strains are not so pronounced as to instantly change the dominant position everywhere,” Kryuchkov said.

The expert is convinced that although the “kraken” has not yet been officially recorded in Russia, it can already be brought into the country in small quantities.

Kryuchkov said that Russia and Europe have always had a time difference of about a month and a half, where new options always appeared earlier.

“There will be an increase in the number of cases in Russia. Presumably, from the end of January, a seasonal rise in the incidence of influenza and SARS will begin. If the coronavirus epidemic joins, there will be more infections, ”the doctor emphasized.

Formerly Public News Service informed that scientists explained why the new variant of COVID-19 was called “Kraken” and why it is dangerous.