Producer and connoisseur Andrey Kozlov remembered the conflict with his colleague in the game “What? Where? When?” Rovshan Askerov.

According to Kozlov, it got to the point that he was forced to call Askerov a scoundrel. Now the connoisseur regrets that his former teammate did not take a similar step in response.

“I was embarrassed afterwards. This is not my style. Too bad he didn’t say I was a scoundrel in return. I would feel better. He is a man without shores, but he has boundaries. A week later, I came up and apologized, ”- Kozlov said.

Recall that the conflict between Rovshan Askerov and Andrey Kozlov took place live. Then, a few years ago, Kozlov allegedly made a hint to the team answering the viewer’s question, which was the reason for the showdown. Later, according to Kozlov, the experts reconciled.

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