I think, without irony, that they should ride, because you show solidarity with your neighbors and symbolically prove that you care about the state, and don’t bother anyone anywhere, as people say on Facebook and Twitter, because the workers at the disaster site with these victims hide and be able to adapt to them. But what the people of Tornado and state hatred cannot influence is the fact that Prime Minister Petar Fiala was once again represented by Minister of the Interior Vt Rakuan, who very quickly warmed to the Hlubuek case, which, by the way, he does not know anything about in two months and the investigative team of the Czech Television from 168 o’clock instead of running after Rakuan, running after Klaus and asking him about it, he wrote a story in the newspaper about the fact that he had to talk to Putin.

We are used to this kind of thing from the cities of disasters, at first we see someone in a jacket and patent leather shoes on the street, but that is a complete mistake, because when Fiala is being talked about as the sunniest prime minister, he will not walk there in a slinky, and what’s more, it’s Fialv’s personal style and who can imagine it differently.

But every such entanglement must be taken out or wasted.

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Dotte line and to the end

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