Now we will pop this scene for a while and then we will continue. I have the pages of the Czech Presidency of the EU open and I speak to Peter out loud.

For the kind of Czech presidency, the biggest inspiration is Havel’s text of their leitmotif …

What the hell is that? ask Peter.

That is the motto I agree.

How’s the motto? Why is Havel there? Pesta se smt.

requirement of re-critical wheel wash …, gave a smuk.

Coe? eho? Where is it from you?

These are the official pages of the Bureau, Then a laptop comes to him, he rips at me again and then we get off the ground.

We have the idea of ​​the arrest of this comment and will now take the matter. Although the government is in power again before the presidency, also ask for something and you will find out, but it is important that we have to meet the motto of this year’s presidency, which is Europe as a bicycle, and not only in front of the holidays, but we imagine Mikula Bek as Igor Hnzd, as we go to meet when it doesn’t work. Not only is the Czech Republic a state of submissive status, but moreover, we will all look like a newcomer who has to secrete under someone.

You just stuck. Continue with

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