Five weeks later, at home, they will win against Viktoria and win the tie and advance to the finals of the Champions League qualification. In the playoffs, she would meet the winner of the Karabach – Ferencvros Budapest duel.

We won’t talk about what will happen in two weeks, Blek revealed.

But progress is close.
The first race was very good from both sides. We had a few chances that we didn’t convert. We were careful the whole way back. We knew that when we gave space to their offensive game, we would have a problem. But we didn’t allow that, big praise vem hrm.

You were the first to collect. What the hell are you doing half-time?
The first thing that flashed through my head was that you don’t use ance. We also had dal stelae that blew away the glem. The reason was that we could have kicked the penalty as well, that we equalized at half-time. That calmed us down.

Chor again took the penalty kick and converted the same as in the 2nd preliminary round in Helsinki.
Tonks of self-confidence are dying. After the departure of Beauguel, this is our first game that goes to penalties. He took it and showed his nerves.

Same as Stank’s goal, he failed again. How dleit was his performance?
Stank is n klov hr. When it’s time, let us know. He gave a great performance, just like the rest of the game. But when I take it from my point of view, we had no competition at all.

Bucha of Stedopol decided. Was it surprising?
When you ask about any game, I will say that he played for a long time. Bucha was rewarded for a perfect performance, gl also needed. We want the girls to comply with the laws.

Neekan you deployed two tons, he put Kliment to Chorm. What led you to this?
The two-tonka game was the last time he got used to it. Both of them worked very hard defensively, worked hard, Kliment had very good movement. It was decided correctly.

In the qualification for the Champions League, you also won this game, which should give us peace at the start of the season. It is so?
Give us energy. We have convinced ourselves that when you put your heart into salvation, you also play with darkness, which has a strong individuality. But we have to concentrate on every match just like here in Kiinv.