The former Spanish soccer player Pique goes from fall after fall, has been the target of ridicule due to the popular song in which Shakira It makes him ridiculous, and now, the financial outlook for the ex-soccer player does not seem very encouraging.

As for the situation with Shakira, in the middle of last year it was reported that the 10-year marriage between the successful Colombian singer and the former soccer player would have ended due to a infidelity by Piqué, and Shakira retaliated with a song in which she lowered him to a “rookie” and with which he has broken audience records.

The lyrics of the song and the worldwide mockery of Piqué are a complete topic of conversation, so we leave you a note that we have about it in case you want to inform yourself on the subject.

Going back to the main theme, Kosmos Management is the company founded by Shakira’s ex-husband, Gerard Piqué, whose main economic activity It consists of the administrative management of companies and events related to sports.

Piqué appears in the company as executive director and president of the board of directors, and apparently, his fiscal management of the company and the direction in which he has taken it have not been the best, since in the last hours the International Tennis Federation (ITF for its acronym), has announced the termination of a million-dollar contract, which was the main source of income for Kosmos, for the management of the prestigious Davis Cup, a tennis league

In the statement shared by the ITF, the Kosmos company is accused of non-payments against league players and delays in commissions to the ITF, Kosmos, for its part, defends itself against the accusations in a statement that has been questioned by the community due to the absence of any proof of the alleged payments made.

Kosmos Management continued in its statement stating that the renegotiation was not possible and that it would continue with its other economic activities, among which we find an Esports team, which is already being predicted as one of the least likely to win local or international titles, the Kings League, a non-traditional soccer league that will consist of 12 teams managed by internet personalities, and a second division team from the Spanish soccer league that is far from promotion.

The ITF, on the other hand, is pleased to have retaken fiscal control of the Davis Cup and the rupture of the relationship with Kosmos, Is it perhaps a mirror of Shakira celebrating separating Piqué?