While most fans welcome the pause of btseven with the great growth of the group’s esteem, the Korea Singers Association he sees nothing positive in this hiatus and asked the septet to reconsider the decision.

In a text published in The Korea Times, Lee Ja Yeonpresident of the Korea Singers Association, expressed concern about the consequences that BTS’ hiatus could have on the K-Pop industry and the continuity of what they call hallyuthe Korean wave, which is the spread of South Korean culture to the world.

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I am worried that the Korean wave centered on BTS, which has the greatest cultural power in Korea and the world, may disappear… Just as a ‘second Beatles’ will not come easily, it is unlikely that there will be a ‘second BTS’. so i’m worried that hallyu might be cut off”.

Still in his text, he asks the group to reconsider the pause decision, questioning:

You may have made this decision after deep deliberation, but wouldn’t you reconsider it for the sake of the Korean music industry?