You probably can’t debate that you are Veronika Kopřivová built her career mainly on the fact that she was once an “it girl” Jaromír Jágr. And just as the missions have their illness, during which they furiously send their devoted partners to the grove, so do the partners of the hockey legend from Kladno, the so-called Jágr illness, ie the need for self-realization.

In the shadow of Jaromír, it has simply not lasted long and the direct proof is also Dominika Branišováwhich until now has stayed a bit out of the way, but has now appeared both in advertisements for electric scooters and flew to Rome to photograph fashion.

With the break-up with Jágr, Veronica’s star began to decline slightly, it was still written about her, but mostly in connection with the hockey number one, and Kopřivová’s media disinterest does not seem to bother her in any particular way. Although she does not sweep one event after another, she has almost disappeared from the public eye and she no longer considers herself a model, she will not stay long in the Czech Republic.

And someone might wonder what they live on. The former model is exotic or in her beloved Florida at any moment. Now she has even embarked on a long “tour de Hawaii”, which she meets with both her partner and her little daughter Ella.

Nettle was found in influenza. She has almost 150,000 followers on Instagram and apparently brings her money mainly from commercials. There is no such interest in her Simply Self brand. Her company profile has 26.7 thousand followers on the networks, but the average photo collects just between one hundred and fifty likes, and the photos of the dress remain virtually uncommented.

Isn’t that a little, Anton Pavlovich?

And so on her profile, Veronika promotes gummy bears to support hair growth, baby cosmetics and sometimes a blender.

And Veronica’s friend Mirek, who likes to recommend goodwill to all people, such as razors or dried meat, has also set out on the path of influenza.

Miroslav Dubovický and his advertisement for dried meat

The former model and the Czech Mister Universe also embarked on a career as an entrepreneur and founded an advertising and packaging company.

Although both of them disappeared from the public eye and hung the path of modeling and celebrities on the nail, their names still resonate on social networks and companies pay for their ads with enthusiasm.

Veronika Kopřivová and Miroslav Dubovický get to know Hawaii.