The famous theater director first explained the scandal at the premiere of his play The Cherry Orchard.

As you know, Bogomolov approached the director Mikita Ilyinchik during a bow to the audience and scolded him in front of a full house. The director criticized the ward for some “MKhAT notes” in the performance and insufficient “arrogance of presentation.”

The audience did not understand whether this was a joke or, indeed, the director was so outraged that he could not restrain himself at the premiere. And the media reported on the high-profile scandal that the eminent director arranged. A few days later, Bogomolov himself decided to explain himself. As it turned out, his skirmish with Ilyinchik was part of the production.

“To me, despite the rumors that, they say, the ending we invented with a discussion about the theater is a sudden scandal caused by my dissatisfaction with the premiere … No, friends, I really like the delicate exquisite work of Mikita Ilyinchik, and I gladly accepted his idea to arrange at the end sudden turnaround, the artistic director of the theater on Bronnaya revealed his idea.

The director himself confirmed the words of Bogomolov, noting that the audience simply misunderstood the “scuffle” thought out in advance.

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