With missile strikes, Russia wants the people of Kiev to flee the capital in a depressed mood. But the Russian Federation fails to achieve this, said in an interview. Politico mayor of Kyiv Vitaliy Klichko.

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“They want people to be depressed and run. And you know what’s interesting? Nobody leaves. They don’t reach their goals. After the rocket attacks, people are not depressed, they are angry and ready to fight,” Klitschko said.

At the same time, he repeated that in the worst case – if Kyiv is left without heat, water and electricity – he will ask people to consider moving near Kyiv.

Those who don’t want to leave in such a scenario “should be prepared” and make sure they have sufficient supplies of water and batteries, Klitschko says.

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Kyiv needs generators, sleeping bags and warm mattresses from Western allies to get through the winter, the mayor said. But most of all – air defense systems, in particular the American Patriot.

“We need to protect right now [небо] over the heads of our citizens, and that’s why we need [больше] air defense systems immediately … We will be very happy (if we get Patriot, – ed.),” Klitschko said.

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Marko Sirova

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