Klepikovskiy Technological College entered the cluster “Engineering”

The government of the Ryazan region signed an agreement with professional educational organizations and enterprises of the real sector of the economy on the creation of an educational and industrial cluster. The signing took place within the framework of the federal project “Professionality” of the state program of the Russian Federation “Development of Education”. Among the signatories of the agreement is the Klepikovskiy Technological College. He entered the cluster “Engineering” at the initiative of the Ministry of Education of the Ryazan region. In addition to the technical school, the cluster included the Ryazan College of Electronics, the Ryazan Motor Transport College named after. Zhivago and Kasimov Oil and Gas College.

What will the cluster give to the technical school and its students? First, jobs for future graduates – welders. After all, in addition to educational organizations at the signing of the agreement, there were also large enterprises that need qualified workers. These are Mikhailovcement, Serebryansky Cement Plant and Tyazhpressmash. These enterprises require welders, who are trained at the Klepikovskiy technical school. Students will be able to practice at these enterprises. They will have their own mentor who will help you get comfortable. And for their work during the practice, welders will receive a salary. It is also possible for interns to live in dormitories at the expense of these enterprises.

Secondly, within the framework of the project, the technical school will improve the material and technical base and infrastructure. Will purchase new equipment.

“In the future, on the basis of the technical school, we plan to improve the qualifications of the employees of the plants, maybe some additional education will appear. We are ready for this. The concluded agreement provides for the involvement of employees of enterprises in educational activities. They will be members of the attestation commissions at our technical school and help develop educational programs. We also hope that enterprises in the real sector of the economy will provide us with material assistance, this is indicated in the agreement,” said the director of the technical school Viktor Bryakov.

Students entering the new academic year as welders will be able to study according to the new program and have internships at enterprises.