Klepikovka schoolchildren played the role of employees of a military hospital

On May 6, in the Spas-Klepikovskiy Department of the State Museum-Reserve of S. A. Yesenin, the volunteers of the Danko detachment from the Klepikovskaya School No. 1 took part in the thematic program “Evacuation Hospital No. 3009”, dedicated to the emergence of evacuation hospitals in our country during the Great Patriotic War.

The schoolchildren were told about evacuation hospital No. 3009. One of its departments was located in the building of the Spas-Klepikovskaya Second-Class Teacher’s School. And thanks to a valuable photo album, which contains photos of evacuation hospital workers, the children were able to see the faces of doctors who saved the lives of soldiers in Spas-Klepiki during the war.

Afterwards, an interactive program was organized for schoolchildren. The children were able to play the role of employees of a military hospital. They learned how to wind bandages, as the paramedics did. Lined up in a chain on the stairs, the guys passed logs for heating the building. And at the end of the program, the students wrote letters to the veterans with ink pens and learned how to properly fold the soldiers’ letters into triangles.

And on May 5, schoolchildren from Yekshur who visited the museum learned about evacuation hospital No. 3009.