Klava Koka boasted of a new car worth 20 million rubles

Russian singer Klava Coca (real name: Klavdiya Vysokova) boasted of a new luxury car. The corresponding publication appeared on her Instagram page (social network is prohibited in RF; belongs to the Meta corporation, which is recognized as extremist in Russia and is banned).

The 27-year-old celebrity published a video in which she showed a Mercedes-Benz Maybach with a white interior, made in lavender color. However, the singer did not specify the model and cost of the new car. It is known that the price of a car from a similar line begins from 20 million rubles.

In November 2023, Russian streamer Slava Booster also boasted a new car for 28 million rubles. The 26-year-old blogger said that he bought a Mercedes-AMG G 63 in black with a red interior. The cost of the car was 28 million rubles.

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