In practice, this means that Kuchta will be available to Sparta, especially for the seventh round with Zln. I can’t get into trouble in Czech Budjovice, with Olomouc, in Mlad Boleslav, with Bohemians and in Jablonec.

The representative forward lost the distance to the top of the goal, he was threatened with a one-and-a-half penalty for rough play.

He was guilty just before the end of the duel with Liberec, which Sparta lost 1:2. Kuchta made his way past the opponent’s goalkeeper, but he was unable to get past stopper Filip Prebsl. Brank Vliegen hid in his glove, but at that moment the local footballer hit him in the head with a kick.

Chief arbiter Ladislav Szikszay first gave Kuchta a yellow card, after warning his colleagues from the video and after looking at the record, he changed the verdict to PM exclusion.

Kuchta represented himself at the disciplinary meeting and tried to convince the commission that Vliegen was not targeted.

It was decided several times that it was not a matter of mind, but the disciplinary committee agreed that Kuchta could have prevented the injury to his leg with the head of Vliegen’s goal. however, according to the available weapons, he did not even try to do so, noted the chairman of the disciplinary commission, Richard Baek.

We don’t want to blame Kuchta for the fact that he had in mind to injure Slovan’s goal, but according to the available weapons, he had the Liberec goal under his full control at that moment, and even in this situation, Kuchta’s foot fell against the opponent’s head. it was an illegal move that was conducted in an extremely reckless manner with a high risk of injury to the counter-play, he added.

Kuchta is the first game in individual Czech history to receive a red card in two consecutive home league matches, which is a rarity.

The first last year in December as Slavia, the second as Sparan.

It is equally curious and funny that he didn’t actually serve a day of punishment for being sent off in Ostrava, when he went out from the empty goal with his hand and prevented the home team Banka from reaching the goal.

After his transfer to Russia in January, he started the first game without permission, but since Lokomotiv Moskva lost the game and Krasnoyarsk did not file an objection, Kuchta was suspended for one game and was under disciplinary action when he was sent to the club in the summer.

During his run in the Lokomotiv jersey, he bent down against the competition from Soi and was not allowed to play two matches due to a red card. In the last half year, Kuchta has been excluded from the club, not even once.

Overview of the highest punishment from the disciplinary commission

Lonard Kweuke (Sparta) – 12 points for a rough foulyear 2013

Milan Matula (Teplice) – 8 passes behind the elbowlater changed to 6, 2009

Nikolaj Komlienko (Boleslav) – 8 back by der elbowlater changed to 6, 2017

Tom Epka (Sparta) – 7 suspensions for unsportsmanlike conductyear 2007

Petr Luk (Teplice) – 6 passes behind the elbowlater changed to 4, 2008

Petr vancara (Slovcko) – 6 passes behind the elbowyear 2009

Vclav Ondejka (Slovakia) – 6 pass rough foulyear 2012

Milan Baro (Ostrava) – 5 passes for der elbow and vulgarisms to decisionsyear 2018

Jan Kuchta (Sparta) – 5 fouls for rough playthe year 2022