January 7, 2023, 06:17 – Public News Service – OSN

Deputy State DumaFirst Deputy Chairman of the All-Russian Public Organization of Veterans “Combat Brotherhood” Dmitry Sablin said on Telegram that the First Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration Sergei Kiriyenko visited the fighters of the BARS “Cascade” in Donbass.

“They talked about the situation on our sector of the front, about the work that is being carried out continuously, about how we ensure the safety of the residence of personnel. Then together we went to the gunners of one of the units of 1 AK, with whom we work in close conjunction, ”he wrote.

And he added that the politician brought gifts from the “People’s Front”: copters, thermal imagers, first aid kits, sleeping bags and a guitar autographed by musician, actor and deputy of the lower house of parliament Dmitry Pevtsov.

Earlier, the Public News Service wrote that Kiriyenko visited on a working visit to the Zaporozhye region. In particular, he visited the local nuclear power plant. Particular attention was paid to NPP safety issues.

Meanwhile, the air defense systems of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation successfully startled an unmanned aerial vehicle of militants of the Kyiv regime near the Sevastopol Bay. Information about this is spread by the head of Sevastopol, Mikhail Razvozzhaev.